Carpe Diem Restaurant & Bar

Late Cancellation or Missed Reservations

You may cancel within 24 hours of your reservation date without penalty.
Once your reservation is confirmed, the Restaurant is setting aside a table especially for you and you agree to honor the reservation by arriving at the Restaurant on time and paying for a meal. Although we understand that plans change, if you cannot honor a confirmed reservation, you must cancel that reservation through the Services at least 24 hours before the start time. If you cancel a reservation with less than 24 hours until your start time, we may consider that a late cancellation (“Late Cancellation”) and may charge you a fee of $20.00 USD per person for such Late Cancellation (“Late Cancellation Fee”), in our discretion. If you do not cancel your reservation before the start time and fail to arrive at the Restaurant, we may consider that a missed reservation (“Missed Reservation”) and may charge a fee of $20.00 USD per person for such Missed Reservation (“Missed Reservation Fee”), in our discretion.